Talents and Inclusive Diversity

People are Danone's greatest asset in achieving its mission and addressing new challenges facing our world

We believe that attracting, developing and retaining employees who reflect the diversity of our businesses and the communities in which they operate, is vital to our success. We want to transform our talent management model in order to build a high-performing, diverse and agile team for Danone, based on each person鈥檚 unique qualities. We are also committed to offering our people a safe working environment, health and well-being programs, and professional development opportunities. These commitments apply to all geographies where we operate.

Our people are united by our four values of humanism, openness, proximity and enthusiasm which they bring to their work every day. With a global presence in more than 120 countries across the 5 continents; our workforce, our consumers and our community represent a rich array of geographical specificities, cultures, and lifestyles. 

Danone is committed to create and live an inclusive & diverse environment, which will drive our growth as a business, as teams, as members of communities & as individuals. Valuing diversity is recognizing and respecting human differences and similarities. Our aim is to ensure that all employees are given equal opportunity and that our organization is representative of our consumers and society.

We commit to foster an inclusive working environment where we celebrate all types of diversity, both visible and invisible, which includes age, race, gender, nationality, disability, background, education, religion, beliefs, thinking style, perspectives and sexual orientation. We believe that through inclusive diversity, collaborative high performing teams will be developed and deliver breakthrough thinking and results as well as develop innovative and culturally-relevant solutions. We believe that our differences will make the difference.

Supporting 100,000 talents' professional and personal development

We believe that each Danoner has a unique talent to be developed and flourished. Therefore, we provide diverse career paths according to their appetite to learn and grow inside and outside company. We believe that learning is at the heart of our mission and vital in a fast-paced environment. By acquiring knowledge, new skills and capabilities, we are ready to deliver our mission and co-lead the food revolution.

We believe that learning process comes in various ways which include on the job learning, networking, digital and class-room training. Therefore, we combine these approaches in our learning programs. Our ambition is to provide learning opportunities to all Danoners around the world. One example is through organizing dedicated learning weeks known as "Campus". Originally designed for Managers, they are now extended to all employees. In 2015, Mexico was among the first countries to organize a Campus for all. During a whole week, 13,000 employees across the country could take part in various learning activities: from class-room sessions, business case studies, cross division best practices, conferences with external speakers. They could improve their understanding of the business, grow their network with employees from all divisions and develop their professional & leadership skills regardless their position.

Empowering Danoners to drive inclusiveness internally

Creating a more inclusive and diverse Danone needs changes that happen at all levels. Both top-down and bottom-up approach are needed to create systemic changes. And we empower as many Danoners as possible to drive the changes towards inclusiveness at the country level but also at the Functional level. We leverage Danoners to become our local and functional champions to work hand-in-hand with HR and Top Management to connect Inclusive Diversity more to the business.

HeForShe is an example of how we engage Danoners to be part of the change. Initiated in Indonesia as a bottom-up movement to empower more female Danoners in the country through mentoring, networking and inspiring sessions program, HeForShe has also been launched in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Netherlands. And to strengthen our HeForShe commitment, Danone was announced on the International Women鈥檚 Day 8th March 2017, as the HeForShe Thematic Champion for Parental Leave through our 3-years global partnership with the UN Women.

To learn more about our HeForShe commitment, click here. 

"Be yourself and unleash your potential" with EVE Program

The EVE Program is a leadership seminar based on the idea that being yourself and being stimulated is the best way to improve your performance and be a player for change. It is an international program designed by Danone in 2010 and supported by L鈥橭r茅al, Orange, Caisse des D茅p么ts group, SNCF, Cr茅dit Agricole and KPMG. 350 participants and speakers spending three days together in the same place.

Over 3,000 women and men are trained and inspired since 2010. More than 50 nationalities brought together in community to share best practices and other points of common interest.

Danone and L鈥橭r茅al have decided to create a regional edition in Asia-Pacific to help dealing with the talent war since 2013. Furthermore in November 2017, Danone, L鈥橭r茅al and Orange, launched the first edition of EVE Africa in Dakar (Senegal).  For further information, click here. 

"Be yourself and be part of a changing world" with OCTAVE Program

New technologies are radically changing our relationship with work, knowledge, authority and time. Above all, these are the elements that have the greatest impact on relationships among the generations. It has become essential for our companies to evolve from a baby boomer culture to a millennial culture. OCTAVE is a learning seminar for 鈥淐ulture & Change鈥 which focuses on change management in the digital era, taking advantage of different generations at the workplace. It is an inter-company program aimed at building strong and inspiring individuals, building up a ready-made network of people able to bring and support change once they return to the company.

For further information on OCTAVE Program, click here. 

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