Our Vision of leadership

Danone hands-on, informal management style is an invitation for every employee to act as a leader: share what you鈥檙e passionate about, aim for breakthrough results and involve colleagues and external partners to make them come true! Strongly anchored in the values, this set of leadership attitudes, known as CODES, embodies the qualities we seek to support Danone鈥檚 development.

In Danone, the "how" matters as much as the "what". We believe sustainable performance and breakthrough results can only be achieved when people dare express and demonstrate their leadership potential. Ready to reveal yours?

CODES: A unique style of leadership

Our values are the beliefs we hold internally and our CODES behaviours are how we demonstrate and bring these values to life. CODES shapes all of our people strategies, from recruiting for CODES behaviours to designing our learning programme to develop and grow CODES leaders. Creates, Opens, Drives, Empowers and Self-aware: these are the key attributes of a leader in Danone.


For people with high levels of energy and commitment, Danone is the perfect place to challenge the status quo and generate breakthrough ideas. Because our culture is based on initiative and empowerment, every day can be a fresh adventure - full of new possibilities and real excitement. Create a sense of purpose for yourself, your team and your colleagues!


Danone is a business that's always open to new thinking and fresh perspective. Developing networks inside and outside, interacting with proximity at all levels and building trust help us understand the motivations of our stakeholders and design the services and products of the future.


By creating a culture where speed and agility are highly prized, where individuals are free and express their talents, we anticipate, plan and monitor progress in a way that maximizes sustainable value creation for Danone, consumers and the community.  We foster commitment to deliver on promises and make decisions in the best interest of all.


At Danone, we're passionate about leadership, not micromanagement. For us, releasing the power of the team is all about providing the right mix of support, freedom. At Danone, you鈥檒l be empowered through involvement, delegation, trust and constructive feedback. We create an environment that enables people to express their uniqueness and fosters collective performance.


Seeking for feedback, being aware of our own strengths and development needs is essential to learn and grow at Danone. We believe that maintaining self-balance at work by recognizing when to step back or reaching out to others for help is key.

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