Strategy & Key Figures

Water is essential

Water is an essential part of the human body, and at Danone we believe that what you drink during the day makes a difference to your health. Our mission is to inspire people towards healthier hydration鈥攁nd it is clearly a need among the general population. Global studies show that, on average, 49% of the people in the countries where we operate drink less than the recommended daily intake of water. 

Danone is constantly working to help consumers develop healthy hydration habits from an early age聽

Man carrying a little girl holding a small Font Vella bottle

Through awareness campaigns and strong water brands reaching millions of people, Danone helps spread the word about healthy hydration 

  • Our campaigns (reaching millions of people worldwide) raise awareness of healthy hydration. Many of them involve partnerships with local experts and authorities.
  • Continued investment in scientific research on the correlation between hydration and health.
  • The sharing of knowledge and best practice around healthy hydration through our global Hydration for Health Initiative.
  • The protection and restoration of natural water ecosystems in cooperation with local communities and stakeholders. Examples include APIEME (Association pour la Protection de l鈥橧mpluvium de l鈥橢au Min茅rale d鈥橢vian) in France, Parque Salus in Uruguay, Villavicencio Reserva Natural in Argentina and our global partnership with RAMSAR.
Danone waters by the numbers - infography


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