Advanced Medical Nutrition

Advanced Medical Nutrition focuses mainly on the management of the diet of patients, both children and adults, diagnosed with various medical conditions. Its products are aimed in particular at managing the malnutrition resulting from a disease in order to meet the specific nutritional requirements dictated by the pathology. These products are recommended or prescribed by health professionals (doctors, medical staff in hospitals and clinics, pharmacists) and a majority of them are eligible for reimbursement.

Under its umbrella brand Nutricia, Danone has a large portfolio of brands marketed in several countries, for example:

  • Nutrison: Probe feeding used for dietary management of patients who suffer from malnutrition induced by a pathology and cannot eat normally;
  • Fortimel / Fortisip: liquid oral nutritional supplements;
  • Neocate: hypoallergenic products for babies and children with milk allergy or allergy to multiple dietary proteins;
  • Nutrini / Infatrini: oral and tube-based medical nutrition products adapted to the management of the diet of infants and children who, because of illness, are unable to eat normally or sufficiently.

Advanced Medical Nutrition's strategy is to increase its global reach by entering new markets and developing different distribution channels. We believe that the growth potential of the Advanced Medical Nutrition market is significant, due in particular to:

  1.  the aging of the population in some countries,
  2.  the awareness of the role of nutrition in health,
  3.  the appearance of new diseases or allergies, 
  4.  the increase in the number of screenings allowing a more upstream management of the patients concerned.

Strategy & key figures

Research & innovation

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