The Love Behind Food

Looking 100 years into the future

In 1919, the first Danone Yogurt was made in Barcelona. 100 years later, we celebrate it by bringing together pioneers and innovators at the The Love Behind Food event to help shape the next 100 years, building a healthier and more sustainable food future.

  • The Summit  (8th-9th May): two-day conference with talks and debates with pioneers and innovators from around the world such as Andre Agassi, The Gut Stuff, Carles Puyol and Carme Ruscalleda. How do you think the future of food will be?
  • The Labs (8th-19th May): workshops for kids, where they learn, in an interactive way, the origin of food, the importance of a healthy breakfast and what ferments are, as well as how to protect our planet by reclycing eating sustainably.
  • The Story (8th-19th May): an experiential exhibition about 100 years of yogurt history, which runs through the evolution of the company and our society in the last 100 years.



Press Release

Find out more about the The Love Behind the Food Summit held in Barcelona on 7 and 8 May 2019

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